Toro+y+Moi Maroon Cafe Exclusive............Interview With Toro Y Moi

South Carolina native Chaz Bundwick who uses the moniker Toro Y Moi is among one of the brightest acts of 2010. There’s really no genre to classify his lo-fi high tech sounds that have been tearing up the blogosphere since late ’09. He’s being considered one of the leading acts of the new “Chillwave” movement, but to us Toro is just making good Pop music.

H.Q. Things are going at a rapid pace for you right now, is this what you expected so fast so soon?

TYM: This has been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember, I didnt expect this to snowball as fast as it has been, but I’m trying to keep up with the pace the best way that I can.

H.Q. Toro Y Moi sounds like a beautiful foreign film, explain the concept behind the name?

TYM: There really isn’t much meaning behind the name. I made it up when I was 15, but in retrospect that name is one of the only things I don’t dislike about my lifestyle during that point in time. I still like the name after 8 years which is pretty cool to me. .talent.newmain Maroon Cafe Exclusive............Interview With Toro Y Moi

H.Q. You have a BFA in Graphic Design, any plans on pursuing something in that field in the near future?

TYM: Fortunately, I can do design at the same time. I do all of my album and music related design. I don’t think I would really stray too far from music based design even if I wasn’t doing music, so I just kind of like doing both. Only downside is that its more work on myself, but its fun work.

H.Q. Staying on the design aspect, Causers Of This Artwork is incredible! was that your idea?

TYM: Thanks! yeah it was. I was going for a 90s vibe. i was thinking of the title track ’causers of this’ when I had the idea. I wanted to have a more modern spin though, not too ironic… I thought the dark-layered look fit the sound of the album…

Toro Y Moi Causers Maroon Cafe Exclusive............Interview With Toro Y Moi

H.Q. Do you consider yourself part of the ‘Chillwave’ class entering the music scene?

TYM: Ha ha to be honest, if you do, then I do. I can see how i’ve been lumped in with the other bands in that genre.
it’s not a bad thing, I think it makes it easier for people to describe your sound. But I guess I’d call it pop music.

H.Q. Let’s get off topic for a bit…….

Being from South Carolina, explain a typical Summer day in your area?

TYM: Well if Iwasn’t planning on doing music stuff and being a hermit… I’d most likely ride my bike to my friend’s house and then we’d ride to the river, have a few drinks, hang out on the roof and then hang out on the porch… haha endless things really, lazy activities.

College Football, NBA, NFL or College Basketball?

TYM: College football

What films are you looking forward to this year?

TYM: Not to be weird or anything, but i’ve heard so much about Harmony Korine’s ‘Trash Humpers’. I know that’s out
but I’m hoping our indie film theater picks it up this year. But block buster hit-wise… I’d say ‘Tron’ and ‘Toy Story 3′

H.Q. Was that an actual house party in the Blessa video?

TYM: Yes, It was a house show with tickely feather.

H.Q. My favorite off the album would have to be ‘Fax Shadow’ how did that idea come about?

TYM: Oh thanks! it started mainly with a synth line and then I added samples and stuff on top.
it’s about telling a previous girlfriend that you don’t wanna hear her talk about ‘the new dude’ haha.

H.Q. Most memorable record listened to growing up?

TYM: There are a few, but one may be the Clash’s ‘London Calling’ I remember I was like 11 when my dad
showed it to me in the car when he picked me up from school.

H.Q. Lastly, if you could give me one word that sums up your last decade, what would that be?

TYM: Educational

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