Anthony cruz 12 shamanic  333x500 Anthony Cruz | 12 Shamanic Shapeshifters Mix

Listening to Anthony Cruz rhyme two things are bound to happen, one … it’s likely your vocabulary expands and two… you want to live out those aspiring rap dreams you had growing up.  Which is why we reached out and asked him to deliver us a mix, it all made sense when the project was final.  Expect the unexpected from Mr. Cruz which is why we aptly titled this ’12 Shamanic Shapeshifters’ and if you’re the guessing kind and think this mix includes appearances by The Smiths, Leonard Cohen & Bat For Lashes and even a special shout out to us then kudos to you.  Zone out to the fresh set below.

Anthony Cruz – 12 Shamanic Shapeshifters Mix


Anthony Cruz – Real Human (Exclusive)
Bill Hicks – Interlude
A$AP Rocky – Demons
Bat For Lashes – What’s A Girl To Do
Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls
Samantha Fox – Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)
Little Dragon – Wink
Anthony Cruz – Puerto Rican Girlfriends (Premiere)
Stiffed Little Fingers – Barbed Wire Love
Neo Boys – Time Keeps Time
The Smiths – Shoplifters Of The World Unite
Leonard Cohen – Who By The Fire