Dream Tiger Janet Jackson Control Cover 500x495 Dream Tiger | Control (Janet Jackson Cover)

this is my favorite janet jackson song. in celebration of her birthday today (may 16th, 2012) i am streaming this track as a gift for your ears. this track is part of the “Dear Janet” project: a complilation that features 18 covers of her songs and is due Fall 2012. **side note: this is not mastered – i HIGHLY recommend listening in GOOD headphones or hi fi speakers for the full experience!!**

Dream Tiger (also known as Liz Wolf of the Why band) she’s a former dancer, turned photographer, turned musician. She’s also a Janet Jackson fan which is evident with this very very soothing cover of ‘Control.’ Her upcoming project ‘Dear Janet‘ will also be 17 covers of Ms Jackson. This project should be interesting….. stream the lovely homage below.

Spotted [TBB]