latyrx album 101b Retro: A Look Back At Latryx

Normally we like to do Retro’s with artists that are known, but we doubt Latyrx a is well known act.  Time for us to drop some knowledge on you kids…

Latyrx is a California hip-hop act consisting of Lateef the Truth Speaker and Lyrics Born. They were originally solo artists before forming.  Their style of music pushes hip-hop to a new level, thanks to its electronic-flavor and psychedelic vigor.

Their first release was actually a B-side single of Lateef called, ‘The Wreckoning‘, which came out in 1996. Lyrics Born recorded over the same track and it was later mixed by the legendary DJ Shadow, with both artists on it. That release gave them a huge underground buzz. Latryx went on to do more solo projects that year, before they came together for 1997’s Latyrx (The Album).

Latryx went on to do a few more projects together and were last heard from in 2002. Both Lateef and Lyrics born are still rhyming and putting out quality music. This past March, Lyrics Born announced (via podcast) when his solo album is done Latryx will start on a new album. Check out 1997’s ‘Lady Don’t Trek No,’ which was recently featured on HBO’s, ‘Entourage.’

Latryx – Lady Don’t Tek No

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