Home Music Stream: M83 – Oblivion (Featuring Susanne Sundfør)

Stream: M83 – Oblivion (Featuring Susanne Sundfør)

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“Scoring the film was a true enjoyment. It involved lots of stress, lots of sweat, and lots of hard work, but in the end, the soundtrack serves the movie very well. It really is a great Hollywood soundtrack. Oblivion is a big film with a big sound and a big orchestra, and while the soundtrack is different from my original idea, in the end I am very proud of it. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of this journey.”

M83‘s Anthony Gonzalez is scoring for the forthcoming Tom Cruise film “Oblivion” and here is the title track featuring the vocals of Susanne Sundfør. Listen to the beautiful first leak from what’s sure to be a pretty stellar soundtrack in full below. Lp will see daylight on April 9th and the film on April 19th.