BritishInvasion v03 500x500 The Incomparable Shakespeare | The British Invasion

Some how this got swallowed in my inbox.  But better late then never.  Check out The Incomparable Shakespeare EP, The British Invasion.  This EP is filled with great content and shouldn’t be overlooked.

The British Invasion is a hybrid experiment that fuses the musical aesthetics of American and UK pop. Produced exclusively by Silver, the project’s goal was to maintain the integrity of the source material while creating a rich new sound not typically found in Hip-Hop. The references are incredibly diverse and range from The Beatles to Bloc Party to Soul II Soul. I put a lot of love into every record to ensure that each has a different sound and a different approach, but more importantly, a different feel. This EP should not to be confused with the disposable mixtapes which clutter the web. This is music!

All I ask is that you listen with open ears. Welcome to the “Invasion,” presented by OnSMASH and DJBooth.

Download: The Incomparable Shakespeare – British Invasion

  • The Incomparable Shakespeare

    thank you so much homie. It’s greatly appreciated as always. I see you. 1