Spector 500x333 Month In Music: August

Well that was quick… August has come to and end and with that so has your Summer. As we prepare for what is sure to be a Fall to remember there were quite a few highlights that closed out the past thirty one days. Some promising debut projects, triumphant returns, mysterious newcomers and one of the best first singles we’ve heard in years. It all happened and closed out what was truly a remarkable season. So sit back and catch up on the month that was August.

Jessie Ware’s sensual debut project that was “Devotion”

In what will surely have a permanent top ten spot in our favorite albums of this year, Jessie Ware’s first long player will go down as one of the best debut projects over the past few years. If you were ever looking for a modern day Lisa Stansfield or anything remotely close…. this would do just fine. Read our review [here.]

JessieWare 500x332 Month In Music: August

Mumford & Sons gave us their first taste from Babel

Mumford & Sons returned with a the first effort from the upcoming new Lp. The banjo-led stomper “I Will Wait” was nothing groundbreaking but it satisfied your band crush until Babel sees daylight next month.

 Saint Lou Lou’s A+ intro that was “Maybe You.” 

In what could be or if not pretty damn close to the best song of 2012, newcomers Saint Lou Lou surfaced a beauty of a first single. Well structured, well written luscious dreampop from the Kilbey sisters that you’ll find yourself playing over and over again.

Saint Lou Lou2 500x375 Month In Music: August

Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dreams surfaced it’s first release

Already producing one of the best projects this year with Art Dealer Chic, budding crooner Miguel announced his first release from upcoming official album Kaleidoscope Dreams. The extended version of “Adorn” got a little bit longer and much much sexier.

Spector’s Charming Enjoy It While It Lasts

The five lads comprising Spector delivered energetic distorted guitars, deep drums and synth piano flights of fancy full of youthfulness, epic nighttime adventures and heartache. A debut that lived up to all the hype and mirrored the Killers “Hot Fuss,” which is not a bad thing at all…. full of stadium sounding tracks to keep you satisfied for the rest of the year. Read our review [here]

Twigs Surfaced With The Dark & Enchanting “Ache.”

The mystery behind newcomer Twigs continued as she delivered one of the more memorable tracks. Quite possibly the most sublime thing we’ve heard this month.

Ice Choir’s Sleekness That Was Afar 

Ice Choir’s first Lp was simply a delicious re-imagining of the retro times that were the 80’s. Not often that your side project is 10x’s better than your original band and for Kurt Feldman’s (Pains of Being Pure At Heart) such was the case. Enjoyable all the way through. Read our review [here]

IceChoir 402x500 Month In Music: August