News: Curators Conference at the Lincoln Center

Had you decided to give up on contemporary art, having gotten lost in the intricate intertwining of media that is at the core of art in 2012 and since the turn of the century at large – that period when people started to stop saying “a five year-old could have done that” for being baffled by the technicality of works of art now coined “installations” – your mind might be changed on September 5th. Celebrating the international web that the art world (read art in its largest meaning) has spun for itself as well as the rebirth of a certain humanistic approach to modern day culture, the Curators Conference wil give an intellectual spin to the New York Fashion Week it’s about to open.

The event is catered to creative professionals, with the format exploring the many
worlds where curation and creativity intersect with modern culture. We offer a
diverse range of speakers—from digital strategists to music video directors—and
focus on generating ideas, conversations and emerging trends.

This focus of this one-day event organized by Portable (a leading online channel that explores fashion, film, music, art and culture through online video) is the role of curating throughout the various professions. A panel of nine professionals and noted contributors of various domains of creation have been invited to debate about the crux of the matter in a series of short interventions. In keeping with the innovative energy that fuels this event, Portable encourages attendees to tweet their questions beforehand or during the presentations. The list of speakers includes :

Susie Bubble, Fashion Icon
Warren Fu, Filmmaker
Philippe von Borries, Refinery29
Soraya Darabi, Internet Icon
Chris Corrado, Fashion Curator
Gia Coppola, Filmmaker
Josh Rubin, Cool Hunting
Rodrigo Calvo, Mr & Mrs Smith
Carrie Scott, SHOWstudio

For information about ticket prices or more, go to or contact for group bookings and media discounts.

The Curators Conference

 September 5th, 2012

at the Walter Reade Theatre, Lincoln Center