TFT Cheat Sheet – The Best Basics and Combinations Cheats

TFT Cheat Sheet – The Best Basics and Combinations Cheats

We are going to create an overlook of what items are available in team fight tactics and see how they all combine and work together. We have created all the Tft cheat sheet for your ease, so you may know how they work together when combined.

How to find items in Team fight tactics?

Items are dropped randomly as you keep playing with your opponent. You automatically collect them once they drop that’s how the mechanics of the game works. The other way to get a more unique item is by the carousel.

Carousel is a feature where you and your opponent are thrown in a live portal together. There you will see some heroes roaming in a circle, some items will be attached to them. All you need to do is step ahead one by one to get those items from the heroes. But it doesn’t work that way, you go first according to your health total (the one with the lowest health goes first).

Your focus should be on the items rather than the heroes because you will be needing more items. The third way of getting items is that you can’t move them but can only sell them, confused? Let us explain, you can only sell the items attached with the heroes by placing them in the units carefully. If you plan to sell items on a late-game hero then you will need to put the items on a unit which you plan to sell on the late-game only.

Update Patches

7/7/20: Cheat Sheets updated for the10.14 patch.

6/24/20: Cheat Sheets updated for the 10.13 patch.

6/9/20: Cheat Sheets updated for the 10.12 patch.

5/27/20: Cheat Sheets updated for the 10.11 patch.

5/13/20: Cheat Sheets updated for the 10.10 patch.


Let’s see the list of all the basic and combination items available.

TFT Cheat Sheet

Basic items

● B. F sword

Charges 30% attack damage. It has raw damage and great combines but it lags while over speeding. In case you get to pick it, be sure why you need it.

● Chain vest

This Armour is bright and shiny and can be seen while Phantom dances. This vest is really useful to minimize the damage caused. You can revive again with 400+ HP.

● Giant’s belt

The HP of this isn’t enough though but when combined with Mallet, Zeke’s, and Titanic Hydra it does wonder. The attack speed increases by +30% at the beginning of the game.

● Needlessly large rod

This rod deals with all the spell damage and reduces it by 45%. This gets handier with his combination that is Rageblade.

● Negatron Cloak

Probably the best items in the basic list. The item itself is sufficient to deal with the damage. It heals the weaver by 45%. It doesn’t need combinations which is a plus point.

● Recurve bow

The attack of the recurve bow is tremendous and deals 20% of bonus damage. This item boosts your speed. The attack speed maximizes the damaging effect which is a win-win. The bow combines as one of the strongest combos.

● Sparring gloves

The sparring gloves are useful but not as impactful just like a spatula, they are more or less of the same damage. The holder gets a chance to hit with 100% power. It deals with a damage of 20%.

● Spatula

The item alone itself does nothing and has no impact. But with combination, it can do wonders. Weaver can use it to gain synergies. This item has the power to break the game rules and use it according to your will. Weaver is known as Blademaster.

● Tears of the Goddess

Cast a spell at the start of the round and it gives you more Mana. Casting spells should be done more often to gain more Mana while attacks. Tears can combine with other items and form something very powerful, this can help you deal more damage. You can spell more ulta by using tears smartly.

TFT Cheat Sheet set 3

Combination Items

● Spatula synergy items

Building these items require champions to increase synergy with. Here are some of the champions Battlecast Plating

● Nocturne, Illaoi, Kog’Maw, Cassiopeia, Urgot

Blade of the Ruined King

● Fiora, Xayah, Shen, Yasuo, Master Yi, Irelia, Riven

Celestial Orb

● Xayah, Rakan, Xin Zhao, Ashe, Lulu

Dark Star’s Heart

● Jarvan IV, Mordekaiser, Karma, Shaco, Jhin, Xerath

Infiltrator’s Talons

● Nocturne, Zed, Shaco, Fizz, Ekko

Protector’s Chestguard

● Jarvan IV, Rakan, Xin Zhao, Neeko, Urgot

Rebel Medal

● Malphite, Ziggs, Yasuo, Zed, Master Yi, Jinx, Aurelion Sol

Star Guardian’s Charm

● Poppy, Zoe, Ahri, Neeko, Syndra, Soraka, Janna

● Bloodthirster (Negatron and B. F Sword)

The item helps you to fight until the end and win the game. It also protects you from damages. You can get most life steals through this item.

● Bramble Vest (more powerful than Chain vest)

Bramble Vest has taken over thorn nails and deals more damage than ever. They also damage the enemies near the user unlike reflecting it previously.

● Chalice of power

Just like Zeke Herald, Chalice of power has increased and become more immune. It has increased the power ability although the attack speed is still the same. At the start of the game, the people next to the holder get 30AP.

● Death Blade

To earn more value from this item use it with carriers and snipers. On one kill or damage, get +25 attack damage points.

● Force of nature

These items help you to build an extra shield of protection on the floor. You gain +1 by using it.

● Frozen heart (Tear of Goddess and chain vest)

This item is really useful to lower the speed attack of the enemy. The TFT is all about speed attacks after all. If you want to protect your Frontline then use this item. If you want to weaken the backline of the enemy then put it on the infiltrator. You will get extra mana if you put it on your casters. The opponent team will lose 50% attack speed. TFT cheat sheet–basics and combinations.

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